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Bemused Bookworm is a YA/NA blog that features reviews and recommendations, as well as book promo posts. I find myself attracted mostly to paranormal and dystopian so you probably wont find much historical or contemporary lit.

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A Job From Hell

A Job From Hell - Jayde Scott Hmmm, pretty good but Amber sort of annoyed me...and im not sure i like the ending...i already know whats implied there. :(


Freja - Saga Berg Interesting.

Nordic Fairies

Nordic Fairies - Saga Berg Awesome, but super short. Able to read the next Novella.

The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones - Laura   Howard Wow, i don't remember the last time i read a whole book in one day... i loved this story.


Skylark - Meagan Spooner Amazing! Love the character growth in Lark...but i can't say i agree with all her choices. But the book would be sooo boring if i had my way. Lol.

The Forever Contract

The Forever Contract - Avery Sawyer Loved it...but was way to sort...and kind of rushed. Would have been better as a full-sized novel.


Stained - Ella James I totally loved this book!! It had a great story line and def a lot of action! Here's my account, more detailed:

What I Loved

I totally loved Julia, Cayne and their relationship. Well, first off, i'm a total sucker for sarcastic type guys... i love guys who have good comebacks and dry senses of humors. So Cayne was right up my alley. He also seemed bery real the way he was feeling one thing but then showing only a totally opposite and stoic outer image... i totally know guys who do that! Some guys need to learn communication skills!! Julia seemed very sensible and i could related to most of her feelings... esp with Cayne on the train! I've totally been there. The relationship between the two seems very authentic. Def no instalove here. I sort of like love stories where in the beginning they dont like each other...but secretly do. hahaha. To me, that's better than "love at first sight". They are cute as a couple.

What I Liked

I really like the Characters backgrounds. I like know about how characters cam to be and i think good stories always bring in a bit of the past. It brings depth and interest to the story! I also sort of like Cayne's bad boy like image! :D

I also really like that there are only 2 real characters. In some books (i wont mention breaking dawn...lol) there are like sssoooo many characters! I get confused easy and sometimes i just don't like them. On the other hand though, sometimes i do like them. I think if supporting characters are done right then they are good, but in this book i didn't mind Julia not having a constant best friend or brother/sister, etc!

I totally love the ending too. I was torn at first and wasn't sure if i liked it. My kindle tricked me. I was at like 85% and reading happily, then bam, i turn the page and i see end credits.. wtf? Apparently there is a sneakpeek chapter for another book at the end...but dang, i wasn't prepared for then! Let's just say that the ending was a major cliffhanger...im not even sure if the climax was in this book. I have to say that book two is going to start off with a bang. Also, i sense a little second book syndrome...

What I Didn't Like As Much

One thing that i didn't quite like, was the way some elements just appeared out of nowhere. Like in the first few chapters, you think that Julia is just a normal girl but then out of nowhere she uses her "talent" and your like wait...where did that come from. I was wondering if i even read it right. The was no previous thoughts on it or anything... It was kind of awkward but does pay a huge roll in the rest of the book. I just wished it was introduced more smoothly.

Another thing i didn't necessarily love was the dream/thought sequences. These confused me a lot too. Especially the first one. I dont even think it was Julia's dream... it seemed awkward to me and i couldn't figure out where it came from or how it fit into Julia's story. It was like all about Julia then there was like this dream about something totally irrelevant seeming. Of course it ends up being somewhat explained, but im not sure if the place is right or if it needed at all. There are other dreams/thought sequences too and while they are story building, i've just never been into them much in books.

Overall i totally love this book and i'd give it a very high 4 stars (so very close to 5 stars). I def recommend it to others, especially to people who would like a unique story about fallen angels. Or if you are new to fallen angel books! Im def going to read book 2 and would def try other books by this other as well.


Fearless - Tawdra Kandle This book was total awesomesauce! I loved the story...and while mind reading and witches have been done a lot in YA, this book is still sort of unique, to me atleast, because i never read them together before. Let's get very specific though:

What I Loved:

One thing that i totally loved was the town history... I find carnival/fairs super freaky. Well actually i used to like them.... I went once into the "House of Freaks" (sigh, the name should have discouraged me) and there was this gross looking women with piercings EVERYWHERE and she kept sticking a whole nail into her nose then bashing it with a hammer. EW, After that, no more.. I haven't been to one since... so let's just say setting up a town around a carnival...well it was effectively freaky!

Another thing i loved was the way the story was written. I know some people getting bored with very specific details in a book... like eating a lot, or reading a lot or whatever, but i liked it. There was definitely much more going one the class and lunch, so i love that specifics were added it. I don't think they were after thoughts/fillers or that they took away from the story!

I loved Nell!! She was an awesome bad girl. So evilish and mean but broken and beautiful too! I usually love the villains in books more... although im not sure who the real villain here is... That creepy Professor-Snape-wanna-be Mrs. Lacusta...was pretty dang guilty looking. But anywho, Nell was awesome! I super love book's like the Wolves of Mercy Falls Series and the ELE Series where the mean girl becames an ally... and i have high hopes for this book....also i read a review for book 2 :)

What I Like:

Well i super liked Tasmyn. At first, she came across as a bit... hmm how to put it...insecure i guess. She seems so worried what people think that she doesn't even have friends. I guess personally i've never felt that way, but when you consider here age and also her talent, i guess it put her personality more in perspective. She was always very polite and tried to do the right thing (in not listening to others) she that makes her very likable. I dont know though, if i had these powers i would definitely be listening to people and i wouldn't feel ashamed. I guess i learned this from Edward Cullen. haha. Seriously though, if your talking to someone and they are being really nice, but in their heads there thinking about how stupid or whatever you are...ptf, well you bet that would affect the way i treated them. I obviously wouldn't make a big deal about it but i'd avoid them at the very least and i wouldn't help them if they asked.... ok i'd probably help them, but i'd be sure to point out that i was helping them despite the fact that they are fake! I guess my boyfriend was right in calling me a spitfire. lol

What I Didn't Like As Much:

I have to put Michael in this category...but i guess i will. He seemed to make Tasmyn happy..so that's good... but i personally kept getting annoyed by him.He seemed pretty overbearing and sort of boss to Tasmyn. Like when she was talking about using her gift for good and not just ignoring...or when she was considering listening in on Nell's thoughts. I was very happy to see Tasmyn stand up for herself and Michael eventually give in...but in my real life, i get very annoyed when someone tried to tell me what to do and i guess that translate to characters i read. All in all though, Michael did seem very sweet and his thoughts was genuine...so that was good!

Overall i totally loved the story and cant wait to read the next book. Unfortunately this book alluded to college...so i forsee a little second book syndrome...but it doesn't bother me!

The Bionics

The Bionics - Alicia Michaels Well I totally, absolutely loved this book. I never read a book about a half robot person before and it sursprised me to realize that i was still able to relate with her. I'm not as sentimental over the family thing as she is but i still think we have a ton of things in common. These sorts of books are my favorite to read; ones where the characters reactions would be my own. In most books, its more like "UUGGHH, Why did you do/think/say that?"

Characters. All the characters in this book were great! They were very interesting in their own ways and it was easy to dislike the ones you were supposed to dislike. The sort of love pentagon thing was a bit weird though, but i enjoyed reading the different sides. I remember being younger and having a crush on like 3 guys at once, so it's very realistic. There were awesome amounts of sarcasm, which i totally adore, and a fair amount of humor too, which i also totally loved. In general, all the characters were developed very well. All were strong and independent. My favorite would have to be Blythe, of course, but i really adored Dax and Yasmine as well.

Plot. The storyline of this book was spectacular In a nutshell, the was a nuke war. The injured was given a second chance at living by being giving robotic type limb (or other body part) replacements. Then, when the government how strong the new "bionics" were they wanted to back out and decided they were terrorists. In theory though, a person that's half robot (just think a really intelligent terminator could be wicked dangerous. I don't want to bring in too much politics but it's like the gun control thing. Millions of people have guns but only sick/uneducated/evil people actually shoot people down and act like terrorists. And if they don't shoot people down, well, they will find a sling blade or bomb or whatever else they think they need to fulfill their sick perversions. Anyway, so the government wants to strip all there robotic parts away and let them die or just plain killed them out right. The magnitude of this story makes me feel kind of sad. While this is just a book, the same concept of oppression can be applied to so many things. The plot of this book ended at a very critical time in the story, so i am very interested in getting my hands on the next book! I really really want to know what happens!

Setting. The setting of this book was great. I could really see and feel the desolation of the cities. Likewise, inside the compound and hoovercraft i could really imagine the environment well. I'm not sure if this was my own rogue imagination or if the book gave me what i need, but i definitely have a good envisioning of most scenes in the book. My favorite scene is the when Agata is in the glass room!

All in all i most definitely loved this book and will most definitely be reading any other books in this series. I noticed that the Author has another series out as well. I will probably check that out too because i really like her writing style! I'd recommend this book to anyone wanting to read a good apocalyptic book without zombies!

Dark Passage

Dark Passage - M.L. Woolley This was a great book! I think it was even epic! I never read a book that made me think so much about my own life. Usually i'll read and think about the characters and what's happening to them. But for some reason while i was reading this book i kept thinking about myself and how my life related to the story. I really liked how thoughtful this book made me.

Plot. The plot on this book was fantastic. I was a bit confused in the beginning but understood more the further i read. I think bringing in the history of the house and of the previous uses of it was a great idea. I love knowing the back story of the settings and such. The first half of the book was mostly meeting the characters and becoming acquainted with how they are interconnected. The second part of the story is all about preparing for a specific "event". There is also a little romance between a few different couples and a lot of OMGosh-es "that was so scary" parts. I really liked the plot of the story. There where a few things that i found missing, like specific events that weren't show, but rather dealt with by the character after the fact or as a memory. I guess though, that the author may have did that as a suspense creator or to keep the momentum in certain scenes.

Characters. I think this book had really great characters. Have you ever seen books where all the characters are like the same person but with different names? lol, Well that's definitely not the case here. The characters in general are halved into good or bad. All the good ones are "good" but also have their own personality and same goes with the bad. Even the demons are pretty personified. I think this is great because it helps cement the story and an understanding in your mind through out the the story. For the most part the characters seemed very consistent. The only thing i was a bit skeptical about was the prologue at the end (athough i think the author meant Epilogue). Ivy was showing such hatefulness and annoyance towards Lisa. I'm not sure why she would feel like that after she talked so much about her own clean slate but then refuses to accept Lisa's. I have a feeling though that this will be better explained in book two. My favorite characters were Ivy and Peter.

Writing. I read some reviews about this book stating that the writing wasn't that good. I can see why they would say that, but i think that's being a bit harsh. There are some place that need editing or revision, but considering that this is the authors first book i think it is perfectly acceptable. I think some book reviewer are snobbish and think that their opinion and standards rule. But in the real world, new authors have to start somewhere. This author obviously has a great talent for crafting an amazing stories, so in time as she hones in and irons out her writing skills, i think she'll be an amazing writer.

I totally cant wait for book 2. Im very curious to know whether my hunch is right. Im also curious to see how everything will be after the "event".


Indomitable - J. Meyers Well, I totally loved this mini book! I've read 2 other books from this author and i've absolutely loved all of them!

Point of View. I've talked so much about a book's point of view in the past that I think everyone knows that I love First Person. For whatever reason, i usually have a hard time getting into stories written in 3rd person. The books written by J.Meyers are all third person but they are written so beautifully and craftily that i didn't even realize! They are so captivating i didn't have time to concentrate on the point of view! Another thing that these books do great, is that they switch between characters. This gives great perspective to the scenes without getting confusing. I enjoy reading J.Meyer's 3rd person books.

Plot. The purpose of this companion is to help establish Jonas' back story. In Intangible, you can absolutely tell he's a different sort of vampire and he alludes to his past and what how his past shaped him, but since this books it's all about him and his struggles, you can really see it firsthand. It's switches between "now" and 200 years in the past (when he was still human) which gives an excellent overview of his character! It's truly a heartbreaking story but i'm glad to know more about one of my favorite characters of the series.

For me this book was over too soon. I def wanted to know more! I cant wait to read the the next book in the series and i would def recommend this novella and the other novella, Intuition, to anyone wanting to get into a great paranormal series!

Bad Girls Don't Die

Bad Girls Don't Die - Katie Alender Wow it dawn on me as I was reading this book that most of what I read is like...teen romance with a hint of the paranormal! This book was the opposite and I loved it! It was refreshing to see a highly organized story that wasnt centered around soulmates and the sort (even though I love those stories too)! Dont get me wrong, there is a small amount of love in this book, and I think it was done perfectly! At first I was a bit put off by alexis' blunt rudeness...but the more I read I realized the sometimes people are just rude on accident...and not nes trying to get attention or hurt people. I even do it and feel horrible... :/ I really liked Megan, she was all "cheerleader" but also a lot deeper than she appeared! Over all I would rate this 5 stars because I couldnt find anything wrong with it! I would def recommend it! Its def unique and sort of scary! Enjoy!


Intuition - J. Meyers Absolutely loved this lil story! The author actually gave me the full book 1 awhile back for review, so I read it already, but I still liked this story! It gives a good basis for the book and is beautifully written. It drums up some pretty fierce anticipation and foreshadowing (faerie part). Great short story here and the full books are awesome as well! I got this book free in the kindle store...its probably in the nook/kobo store too though, so go ahead a read it!

Shadow Hills

Shadow Hills - Anastasia Hopcus 4 stars for a awesomely original story, prefectly written characters and a burning hot romance. I had to deduct 1 star for the underaged drinking and the reference to cigarettes, partying, pills, pot and sex. I sometimes fell like the morality police when i write things like that in a review... but its just my preference. I always am sure to encourage everyone to read it though, because those issues dont bother some people! Awesomely great mystery that kept me guessing through it all! Def page turner, i read it in 3 sittings! Mosts books take at least 7 or more! My favorite character would probably have to be Toy or Adrianna (minus the drinking & cigarettes!)! I also like Graham and Grant though! The only semi problem i have it that the Whole story with Athena is still sort of confusing..... Is this book in a Series or am i not thinking hard enough?


Spellbound - Cara Lynn Shultz I loved this book! There were def some great qualities but also a few things i didnt like! For what i did like: the originality of the story, the detailed info on New York City and Angelique/Ashley! For what i didnt so much care about was Emma and Brendan (I like their romance though.). When i say those two, i mean their moral base: mostly the alcohol and sex (on Brendan's part). Some people dont mind things like that and for them this book would be perfect. But i, personally, depised underage drinking and careless sex, especially in books for young adults where you are supposed to related to the characters and when the character can somewhat be seen as a role model. But like i said, some people dont mind those things, so read it and make your own mind up. After overlooking those things i didnt like, there was plenty left to love, so thats why I gave this book 4 stars. Also, i do plan on reading the next book, because i love the story and really want to see whats next!


Intangible - J. Meyers Absolutely superb! First let me comment on the awesome writing! I most only read fiction, so I greatly prefer 1st person pov...with 3rd I always get confused as to who is saying what and I feel I just cant connect to the characters without hearing them! This book however is in 3rd..but its done differently. It almost like an alternating view book because the narrator sticks to one character at at time! I love this method, its as good as 1st person, in my opinion! So beyond the ingenious writing, there are plenty of other things to love! The characters are great and well defined, the plot is interesting and well paced and the romances are hot and cold, solid and shakey..almost conflicted...and thats just how I like them! One other thing id like to mention is that the idea of 2 main characters is very intriguing one! The twins here very much pull their own halves of the story and having one male and one female gives great diversity! I like switching between them because it keeps the book from being boring! Each has there own story as well as playing a role in the main plot! Its really great! Id recommend this book to anyone! Even males might like it... What did you think?