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Bemused Bookworm is a YA/NA blog that features reviews and recommendations, as well as book promo posts. I find myself attracted mostly to paranormal and dystopian so you probably wont find much historical or contemporary lit.

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The Strongest Ring

The Strongest Ring - Laura Bradley Rede Well, this was def a short story. Very small indeed. But even with its short stature, i loved it! Vampires, hippies and coffee!! Yes please. Jordan def sounded like the perfect guy for me! If only i could find a sexy vampire hippie who reads and drinks coffee... and is willing to bite his girlfriend without all the "We shouldn't" haha. :) There were only a few different scenes in the book but they were all described well and the story itself was very intriguing. I sorta wish there was more to the story...i want to see what happens with them next! Have i mentioned how attractive Jordan was? lol