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Daughters - Saga Berg First off, let me say that i love love love this series! I downloaded the first book, which is/was free, a while back then bought books 2 and 3 the same day! I unfortunately didn't even have the $3 to buy #4 and #5 at the time. I recently came into a few dollars, literally a FEW(3) dollars lol, so i purchased #4. Now i just need #5!! I'm not sure if the series ends with five though...

Anyway, when you first start reading these books, you notice they are written differently than other books. Not only are they in 3rd person, but they also switch between characters, cites and even centuries. I guess that may make it sound confusing but its not. It basically follows the love story between one couple...so everything relates back to them somehow. I sorta liked how i got to see into the past and see how the characters developed. You know, what made them the way they are. In this particular book, you get a really good look at how the past affects in the present...even the future. So much so that i literally gasped and screamed: "WHAT" on those last few pages. It did leave on a sorta cliffhanger...but i have a few ideas of what i think may happen. :)

As far as the writing and world building, i think they are both good. The two main cities (Washington DC and New York) are pretty popular so i'm not sure if they are easy to picture because i'm so familiar with them or because she describes them well...but either way, it was even for me to get good imagery.

Far characters, i like them all! They are pretty unique to themselves and easy to tell them apart. I sorta despise characters where they all have the same personality, lol but thats not the case here. My fave is probably..hmm Trym or Freja. We are able to see Trym's humor better in this book and that's something i like. Freja is just a super sweet person, especially as an adult. This book is sorta traumatic and heartbreaking where she is concerned though. My least fave is probably Svala. I liked here in other books...but she just rubbed me wrong in this one. I don't have children and don't desire to...so i guess i just cant relate well with her and her parenting choices. I agree more with Viggo.

I liked this story overall. Id def recommend it to anyone who likes fairies books...though this one is very unique. I love the whole soulmate aspect and anyone liking a good love story will enjoy this. Download the first book and see what you think! It's appropriate for most in the ya age range but does have allusions to sex. No smoking, drinking or drugs.