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Fearless - Tawdra Kandle This book was total awesomesauce! I loved the story...and while mind reading and witches have been done a lot in YA, this book is still sort of unique, to me atleast, because i never read them together before. Let's get very specific though:

What I Loved:

One thing that i totally loved was the town history... I find carnival/fairs super freaky. Well actually i used to like them.... I went once into the "House of Freaks" (sigh, the name should have discouraged me) and there was this gross looking women with piercings EVERYWHERE and she kept sticking a whole nail into her nose then bashing it with a hammer. EW, After that, no more.. I haven't been to one since... so let's just say setting up a town around a carnival...well it was effectively freaky!

Another thing i loved was the way the story was written. I know some people getting bored with very specific details in a book... like eating a lot, or reading a lot or whatever, but i liked it. There was definitely much more going one the class and lunch, so i love that specifics were added it. I don't think they were after thoughts/fillers or that they took away from the story!

I loved Nell!! She was an awesome bad girl. So evilish and mean but broken and beautiful too! I usually love the villains in books more... although im not sure who the real villain here is... That creepy Professor-Snape-wanna-be Mrs. Lacusta...was pretty dang guilty looking. But anywho, Nell was awesome! I super love book's like the Wolves of Mercy Falls Series and the ELE Series where the mean girl becames an ally... and i have high hopes for this book....also i read a review for book 2 :)

What I Like:

Well i super liked Tasmyn. At first, she came across as a bit... hmm how to put it...insecure i guess. She seems so worried what people think that she doesn't even have friends. I guess personally i've never felt that way, but when you consider here age and also her talent, i guess it put her personality more in perspective. She was always very polite and tried to do the right thing (in not listening to others) she that makes her very likable. I dont know though, if i had these powers i would definitely be listening to people and i wouldn't feel ashamed. I guess i learned this from Edward Cullen. haha. Seriously though, if your talking to someone and they are being really nice, but in their heads there thinking about how stupid or whatever you are...ptf, well you bet that would affect the way i treated them. I obviously wouldn't make a big deal about it but i'd avoid them at the very least and i wouldn't help them if they asked.... ok i'd probably help them, but i'd be sure to point out that i was helping them despite the fact that they are fake! I guess my boyfriend was right in calling me a spitfire. lol

What I Didn't Like As Much:

I have to put Michael in this category...but i guess i will. He seemed to make Tasmyn happy..so that's good... but i personally kept getting annoyed by him.He seemed pretty overbearing and sort of boss to Tasmyn. Like when she was talking about using her gift for good and not just ignoring...or when she was considering listening in on Nell's thoughts. I was very happy to see Tasmyn stand up for herself and Michael eventually give in...but in my real life, i get very annoyed when someone tried to tell me what to do and i guess that translate to characters i read. All in all though, Michael did seem very sweet and his thoughts was genuine...so that was good!

Overall i totally loved the story and cant wait to read the next book. Unfortunately this book alluded to college...so i forsee a little second book syndrome...but it doesn't bother me!