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Rampant - Diana Peterfreund Wow! what can i say beyond WOW! I loved this book!! Ive not read any books by the author before but i def thinking she has careened to the top of my best ever list! I will def be reading more of her books and this is why:

The Characters. I loved the characters! they were so deep and developed. Their uniqueiness really shined for me. There are a bunch of girls at the cloisters and sometimes i got confused. I had to ask myself "which was that?" quite a few times...but i liked learning about them all. There voices were all so true to character! This author really knows how to write from a teen's pov! My favorite character was Cory! She was so conflicted and deep! I felt so bad for her! She seemed to work so hard but didnt really get too much credit!

The Plot/Theme. Ive never read a unicorn book before so i wasnt sure what to expected...Ive always "liked" unicorns (b/c of harry potter) and was kind of put off by people "killing" them...but after getting engrossed with the story..those feelings were challenged and addressed. The storyline was amazing and very hard to predict! There were a few things that were easy to put together and realize before Astrid, but i think those were put in to distract you from the HUGE twist towards the middle/end!

There were a few things i didnt like...Like Phillipa. I liked her ok...but i have to say shes my least favorite character. I guess she just seems stuckup to me with the things she says...and she acts so bossy! She did however take care of Astrid and the other girls. She reminded me of Isabell from Shiver/Linger! LOL. Also, I think the "flood and fire" verbage was annoying too..it got repeatious...but neither of these took any from the story!

Another very small thing that got to me was the italian and jaron. I sometimes couldnt remember (or didnt know) what they were talking about when they mentions tools and stuff....or like parts of Rome...haha..im so lame! I was listening to the audiobook so i couldnt even figure out the spelling to consult my trusty google search bar.....sigh.

Overall this was a great read and i highly recommend if to anyone wanting to read a good "mystical creature", romance and/or mystery book! I will (not so) patiently be waiting for book 2!