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Bemused Bookworm is a YA/NA blog that features reviews and recommendations, as well as book promo posts. I find myself attracted mostly to paranormal and dystopian so you probably wont find much historical or contemporary lit.

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Shadow Hills

Shadow Hills - Anastasia Hopcus 4 stars for a awesomely original story, prefectly written characters and a burning hot romance. I had to deduct 1 star for the underaged drinking and the reference to cigarettes, partying, pills, pot and sex. I sometimes fell like the morality police when i write things like that in a review... but its just my preference. I always am sure to encourage everyone to read it though, because those issues dont bother some people! Awesomely great mystery that kept me guessing through it all! Def page turner, i read it in 3 sittings! Mosts books take at least 7 or more! My favorite character would probably have to be Toy or Adrianna (minus the drinking & cigarettes!)! I also like Graham and Grant though! The only semi problem i have it that the Whole story with Athena is still sort of confusing..... Is this book in a Series or am i not thinking hard enough?