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Freak of Nature

Freak of Nature - Julia Crane Amazing! This book was spectacular! This was the second book ive read from Julia Crane (first being Coexist). I'm really coming to like her as an author. In this book particularly she talks a lot about beauty and how it's seen. Lucas describe Kaitlyn as strong and beautiful because of how she led her life. While Kaitlyn felt self conscious, Lucas' acceptance of her helped her change the way she saw herself. I think real life works a lot like that sometimes. Some people are naturally confident but others need a little push from someone else. I love that Julia added a link to Operation Beautiful in her book! I love that website!!

As far as this book specially, i really loved it. I read one other robot/human book, but other than that, this concept is totally new & unique! I gotta say i sorta liked it. The thought of her being soo smart and fast but almost emotionless is appealing. The middle part of the book was pretty exciting and the ending was good. There wasn't really a huge, exciting action scene or climax but i think this book was more about personal growth & relationships. Either way though, the ending was satisfying and it setup nicely for the next book. I'm a bit unsure of the new element introduced in the last chapter though...No doubt that will cause drama in book 2.

For characters, i like them all! This book was written in third person and it switches from Kaitlyn to Lucas a few times, though the majority is with Kaitlyn. I gotta say, as i always do, that i really prefer first person because i like to know exactly what the characters are thinking. This book however does a good job of express the characters through the narration. As far as favorite character, I'd have to say Lucas. He is/was very sweet and understanding..and smart!! I didn't really dislike any of the characters...except maybe those military people.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere and environment. Her bedroom felt cold & sterile and the beach felt warm & lively, as they should! Adams' cottage was cozy and Lucas house was homey. All the places in the book really came alive with the wording. It was very easy to imagine! My two fave were the star gazing and the bowling! Anyone who knows me knows that i LOVE blankets under the stars. & I kick butt at bowling! I was glad to see things i could related with in the story.

The only thing i dislike about this book was the scene breaks. I think this is totally the format of the book and not the authors fault. Its just weird to have one line here then the next line in a totally different time. Some authors use line breaks or a dot sequence or something to signify a scene break. I'm a confused person by nature so i had to reread a few spot before i realized what was happening. lol

My overall thoughts of this book are outstanding and i'd consider this a five star read. While its not an epic adventure, its still a lovely story. I feel the next books will probably have more of an exciting flare to them. This one mainly laid out the groundwork for the series. I'd def recommend this book to most of my readers here but there is some sexual content and mild language.