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Bemused Bookworm is a YA/NA blog that features reviews and recommendations, as well as book promo posts. I find myself attracted mostly to paranormal and dystopian so you probably wont find much historical or contemporary lit.

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Lovely - Allison Liddelle I loved It! I think people misunderstood it. Def deserves 5 stars.


Destined - Jessie Harrell Amazing!! This is the first ever book I've read about Greek mythology! I've seen other books around like The Goddess Test, but I think Mythology in general never really interested me. My Kindle recommended this book to me because of all the other Indie Books i'd been buying at that time. I just bought it without even reading the synopsis...then i just started reading! After about 2 pages, I figured out the theme real quick, but i didn't shy away and I'm so glad i didn't!

This book was actually beyond amazing! It really blew me away especially considering my lack of passion for the subject matter. The story really struck a cord with my emotions! At times, i was sad, happy amused, dewildered, annoyed and even jealous! The characters that you are supposed to hate, I hated and the ones you are supposed to love, I loved them! The character's overall are were great and well developed. The one thing I really learned in this book is to never under estimate a scorn woman's wrath! HEHE... You should really read it!


PineLight - Jillian Peery It was Awesome...Simple as that!! I'm really bad at writing reviews...but i did want everyone who's on the fence about reading it know that i liked it! It was really different from any other book i've read... It was crazy trying to decided who was good and who was bad..who to trust.... It def keeps you guessing until the end! Then once you get to the "end" you realize that it may just not be the end yet... :/ WOW.. I really liked it! Im not sure if their is going to be another book, but even without, im very satisfied with it that way it wrapped up! There is a lot going on in the book and it is def well thought out! I really liked this book and would recommend it to all!

Brightest Kind of Darkness

Brightest Kind of Darkness - P.T. Michelle, Patrice Michelle Well...this book was amazing!! So awesomein fact, i barely know where to start...

I cant really remember where i found this book, but it was my gateway to reading indie books! Im so glad i found it because it really opened my eyes to books i never even knew existed!

Anyway, back to the book:

My Overall Thoughts: Excellent!! The action started from the very first page!! The timing and pace were great!! The romance was sweet and steamy! The mystery was infalliable with soo many twists! The authors writing style was beautiful. I was blown away by how perfect the book seemed, especially considering it was self published! Other self pubished books ive read had errors or were very short. This book didnt have any of those problems!! Its def ready for prime time! I honestly think its ranked in the top books ive read this year!!

What I Liked: My favorite part of the book, beside the scorching hot Ethan, was the last chapter. The last chapter is very visual and it is there that you learn the meaning behind the title and the cover! Its so vivid i felt like i was part of the story. The last chapter also introduces a new mystery to be explored more in book 2. The ending left enough open to make for a great sequal but tied up enough that you feel satistfied. I love the ending...although i continue to think about Nara and Ethan. I miss their story! (Fyi: a short story and a print copy will be coming out in November, then book 2 sometime after that)

What I Didn't Like: Honestly, the only thing i didnt like was the format...Ive come to depise kindle!!! Its soo slow and laggy on my android...maybe my phone is too slow..but i almost screamed with the sluggishness!! It was very distracting when i was reading...i much prefer the moon reader ebook app!! I will have to remember this!! As for the story or reading i didnt find anything to dislike!!

My Favorite Quote: "Knowing what was coming-even if i didnt like it- was better than not knowing what would happen if i changed something."


Forever - Maggie Stiefvater Im not putting any stars because im still undecided.... i really wanted to love this book and series....but i have so many questions..and the ending just didnt answer them. it seemed more like a cliffhanger to me... why talk about finding a cure for like 2 books..then end without addressing it... :( atleast there could have been an epilogue... :( it just feels so incomplete...

i really loved all the books, just wished this one ended better....because i dont want to have to keep wondering/worrying!

The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy)

The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Jessica Verday I really loved this book! it does leave a few mysteries and questions open, but its suppose too! its only book 1 of 3 so its job is laying the ground work of the overall story and i think it gives an excellent foundation!
the characters and scenery are very vivid and thought out and i loved feeling completely emersed in Abbeys life. Ive read that some people feels theres too much eating studying and whatever "normal" stuff and not enough action or storyline but i like it that way... i like glimpse into others common life, it makes the character more real!
the only problem i have would be Caspian.....he seems cute and stuff...but i dont see her feelings for him....she loves him after like a couple of pages.... but i guess real life teenagers are like that sometimes especially when they get such attention from a boy... still i like ben better!!


Rampant - Diana Peterfreund Wow! what can i say beyond WOW! I loved this book!! Ive not read any books by the author before but i def thinking she has careened to the top of my best ever list! I will def be reading more of her books and this is why:

The Characters. I loved the characters! they were so deep and developed. Their uniqueiness really shined for me. There are a bunch of girls at the cloisters and sometimes i got confused. I had to ask myself "which was that?" quite a few times...but i liked learning about them all. There voices were all so true to character! This author really knows how to write from a teen's pov! My favorite character was Cory! She was so conflicted and deep! I felt so bad for her! She seemed to work so hard but didnt really get too much credit!

The Plot/Theme. Ive never read a unicorn book before so i wasnt sure what to expected...Ive always "liked" unicorns (b/c of harry potter) and was kind of put off by people "killing" them...but after getting engrossed with the story..those feelings were challenged and addressed. The storyline was amazing and very hard to predict! There were a few things that were easy to put together and realize before Astrid, but i think those were put in to distract you from the HUGE twist towards the middle/end!

There were a few things i didnt like...Like Phillipa. I liked her ok...but i have to say shes my least favorite character. I guess she just seems stuckup to me with the things she says...and she acts so bossy! She did however take care of Astrid and the other girls. She reminded me of Isabell from Shiver/Linger! LOL. Also, I think the "flood and fire" verbage was annoying too..it got repeatious...but neither of these took any from the story!

Another very small thing that got to me was the italian and jaron. I sometimes couldnt remember (or didnt know) what they were talking about when they mentions tools and stuff....or like parts of Rome...haha..im so lame! I was listening to the audiobook so i couldnt even figure out the spelling to consult my trusty google search bar.....sigh.

Overall this was a great read and i highly recommend if to anyone wanting to read a good "mystical creature", romance and/or mystery book! I will (not so) patiently be waiting for book 2!

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan Protagonist: Mary [POV:]
Antagonist: Unconsecrated & The Unknown
Supporting: Cass [Best Friend:]
Supporting: Harry/Travis [Love Interests:]

Quote. When I'm at the highest point in our village I look out at the Forest. I strain to see if I can find the edge of it, find where the rest of the world begins. But all I can see is darkness. My entire life has been about the world outside the fence line, has been about the Forest. -Mary


Through twists and turns of fate, orphaned Mary seeks knowledge of life, love, and especially what lies beyond her walled village and the surrounding forest, where dwell the Unconsecrated, aggressive flesh-eating people who were once dead.

My Opinion

Characters. I have read a few reviews saying that the characters in this book were undeveloped and didn't feel "important". While i read books, i mostly picture what I'm reading from what I'm given from the author. I'm happy to say that i had no problem visualizing any part of this book. The characters all had a certain personality and was easy for me to like. I think the character development is very good without be too much. In some books, you just get way too much stuff. This book seems level and even.

Theme. The theme of this book is centered around free will. Mary's village is controlled by the "Sisterhood." Mary doesn't want to be forced to conform. It's not that she wants to go crazy and do illegal or immoral things, she just wants to be able to choose her own path. Instead, the sisterhood determines what is best, then everyone does what they want to achieve that.

Plot. This story has various elements of suspense. There were times where I couldn't stop reading because i needed to know what was going to happen! There is a huge journey throughout the book; not just literally but emotionally as well. There is also some mystery because there is a speculation that the sisterhood may know more then they let on too.

Style. This story evoked many emotions from me including fear, sadness and brief happiness (very, very brief). It was simple to read and understand. Some simile/comparisons but not too much to cause it to be too confusing. The dialog was somewhat brief but i found it effective.

Setting. The setting of this book occurs in an isolated village. This village is surrounded on all sides by a fences and a forest beyond the fence. The unconsecrated zombies are in the forest preventing escape. There are also abandoned trails lead away from the village, but the villagers are prohibited from exploring these trails. The trails seem to be a huge maze! The atmosphere is developed great.

Comparison. Similar to Resident Evil & The Village [that movie:] but written for a younger audience.

Overall. Defiantly 5 stars because it was written well, had great characters and cover a topic i have seen much in young adult books. I really really enjoyed this book. I may even go out on a limb and say it was the best one i have read in a while. This reason for this i think is because it really made me think. It some YA books, there is a girl and a boy and the whole story is about there love or relationship. While that kinds of book are good, i think i really like this too. In this book, the whole villages' wellbeing was considered. There was more issues then just that "mysterious new guy at school" one that so often comes up. Family, friendship, duty, and loose are all covered in this book. And I'm not ashamed to admitted that i almost cried (ok, maybe more then almost.)

The Bottom-Line

Mary lives in a secluded village surrounded my people eating zombies, protected only by a fence. She wants to find a way out of the village..out of that life.

Please check back often, as I will be continuing update with new books . If you have any questions, please post a comment and I'll get back to you. :D

Thank you for reading my review.


Wings - Aprilynne Pike Title: Wings
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Series: Wings, Book 1 of 4
Age Range: 12+
Genre:Young Adult Fantasy

Protagonist: Laurel [POV:]
Antagonist: Barnes
Supporting: David
Supporting: Tamani

There is always someone who secretly believes in myths and legends. Those are the people who look beyond the obvious and see things in this world that are truly wonderful.

- David


“Fifteen-year-old Laurel has led a sheltered, homeschooled life in a very small town, so when her parents decide to move and enroll her in high school, she has trouble getting used to her new life. A life, as it turns out, that’s not at all like those of other kids. One clear sign is a winglike blossom that blooms on her back. Oh, and her new best friend, the scientifically minded David, reveals under a microscope that her cells are more plant than animal. But it takes an encounter at her old home with the handsome but decidedly different Tamani to convince her that she is a faerie. She also learns it’s up to her to save her land from the evil influences that are trying to take it away from her and her family.” –Ilene Cooper

My Opinion

Characters. I love the characters in this book. Laurel, the main character, seems like a very typical teenagers, but I like her. The author does a really good job building her and the other’s in this book. The characters seemed “true” to themselves throughout the book, which I find important. You get a very good sense of who they are! My favorite is Tamani, of course. I love mythological men!! :D

Theme. The theme of this book is growth and discovery. The protag learns some secrets about her past and needs to learn more about it and herself. It’s almost a coming-of-age story. Then you throw in the love factor. The theme is similar to others in the young adult fantasy genre. I would think the next books will focus more on the love factor. There is also a theme of acceptance from others and accepting yourself.

Plot. The plot in this book starts as easy going learning and discovery and cycles to a suspenseful fight. One plot element of this book does includes mild suspense. Towards the end Laurel has to fight for her Fairy-ness.

Style. There is some mild humor in the book and some symbolism. The writing style is very clear and concise. Very easy to read, understand and like.

Setting. The settings in this book is the forest and in school in a small-town.

Comparison. This book is similar to others in the genre. I think it also stands out because the choice is a little different. In book one, the choice-phase hasn’t quite come to past yet, but in the next books, Laurel will have to choose between her fairy life and her human life. The difference is that she’s already a fair..unlike in Twilight, where the main character has to be changed.

Overall. I really enjoyed this book. I am older (ahem, ahem..lol), but i still enjoyed this book. It sends a positive message. Very good overall.

The Bottom-Line

Laurel discovers she is a fairy. She finds herself stuck between two worlds..and two guys. She will end up having to choose.

Please check back often, as I will be continuing update with new books . If you have any questions, please post a comment and I'll get back to you. :D

Thank you for reading my review.